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INARU means WOMAN in Taino

The Taino were the first peoples to greet Columbus in 1492 when he arrived to the Americas. Columbus's ship encounters a canoe of 7 warriors, two of them women. They were armed with bows and arrows and attacked the ship once it started pursuing them, the men and women alike taking arms. After having wounded a Spaniard and killed another, the Indian threat was terminated. One of the surviving warrior women would be taken captive and raped. This would be the patterned followed by the invaders. Kill the men, rape the women. But they had no idea how resilient those women were...

As the poet Elizabeth Acevedo writes.

"We are the unforeseen children."

In honor of all the warrior women of this earth



My name is Liliana Taboas cruz

I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the home I now prefer to call by Her native name, Borikén. My life has taken me on many travels, but the further I wander, the stronger the bond grows between myself and my ancient mother, my island, my home. Following my heart deeper into the study of what makes my island unique, I've focused my attention on the most ancient of teachings, that of honoring and respecting our Mother Earth. 

SHE has inspired my ART, my WRITING, my approach to women's empowerment PHOTGRAPHY, as well as my YOGA practice.

I enjoy learning about the variety of teachings and traditions that include the Goddess, Mother Nature, Female Energy and watching the dots connect themselves beautifully in what is a forgotten practice of honoring the Sacred Feminine.

Let the most Ancient of Mothers inspire and guide me on the path of CREATEtivity and MAgic.



Intuition & Wisdom

are the INGREDIENTS for








Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental practice based in Hinduism and Buddhism. I am a student, I don't yet understand the depth of these teachings but have found learning about them to be incredibly beneficial to many aspects of my life. I have had 100+ hours of training in safe practice and practical uses of yoga applicable to all those who wish to calm their mind, body and spirit in hopes to help spread the benefits of these sacred traditions that have been so graciously shared with the Western world. 

 My teaching style is gentle and heart centered. I focus on slow and deep movements that prepare the body and mind for focus and mediation. One of the highest priorities of Inaru Studio is creating accessibility to stress reducing practices for all women. Classes offered include:

  • Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga
  • Family Friendly Yoga
  • Mommy & Me Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga

Illustrations & Artwork

Enjoy viewing my Gallery of Taino and women's inspired artwork. My work explores the mythology and symbolism of divinity, and energies of the female body as they connect to the universe.  

Custom artwork, illustrations, and designs requests are welcomed.


My photography style celebrate the natural beauty in the every day life. I shoot candidly and honestly, celebrating the beauty radiating from each individual that we often forget is there. Focusing on women's needs, Inaru Studio provides a variety of photography services including:

  • Body Positive Photography
  • Pregnancy, Mother & Child, Young Girls Portrait Photography
  • Branding & Product Photography for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Weddings 
  • Community Event Coverage

Taino education

Much of my artwork and crafting are based on Taino art, mythology and teachings. While I am still learning myself, I am happy to share the knowledge I have accumulated. If you wished to know more about Taino culture, I would be happy to help.

COMMUNITY building

Inaru Studio is a community concept birthed from my Divine-Mothering Project. My services are available to small groups, organizations, businesses, and educators. Please contact the studio for availability. I am open for volunteer opportunities upon request. 


Folkloric Dance - Bomba & Plena

I am actively looking for women interested in practicing the traditional folkloric dances of my homeland, Borikén (Puerto Rico). These dances are heavily influenced by African and Taino ancestors who together created beautiful dancing techniques that move with the beating of the drums. Do you want to dance Bomba? Then definitely contact me as I'm trying to assemble a group.






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