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Various languages were spoken by the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. Having strong cultural and comercial relations with North, South and Central Native Americans, Native Caribbeans are most accurately described as multilingual. One of the various voices recorded is INARU, which was also an exclusive word to the women's language in Dominica. 

Regrettably named TAINO by archaeologist and anthropologist that viewed those peoples greeting Columbus in 1492 as extinct, our native ancestors were the first to experience the genocide of colonization. But we are still here. Over 500 years of biological and cultural mixing happening in the wombs of countless native women. As the poet Elizabeth Acevedo beautifully expresses "We are the unforeseen children." 

In honor of all the warrior women of this earth


My name is LilianA

I am from Cupey, Borikén (Puerto Rico). My life has taken me on many travels, but the further I wander, the stronger the bond grows between myself and my ancient mother, my island, my home. Following my heart deeper into the study of what makes my family and island unique, I've focused my attention on drawing inspiration from our deepest roots, those of our native ancestors. BORIKÉN has inspired my ART, my WRITING, my approach to women's PHOTOGRAPHY, my YOGA/MOVEMENT/MEDITATION practice, and my CULTURAL reeducation.

My hope is to explore deeper meaning and connection to my homeland through art, movement, writing, and reeducation. 



Bibi Atabey Daka Naboria Bibi Borikén Daka Naboria

Mother Earth, I am your servant. Mother Borikén, I am your servant.

Madre Tierra, soy tu servidora. Madre Borikén, soy tu servidora.





Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental practice based in Hinduism and Buddhism. While the physical movements commonly referred to as YOGA are only a small portion of the practice, I have come to view them as a welcomed tool for preparing the mind and body for meditation. 

I have had 100+ hours of training in safe practice and practical uses of yoga applicable to all those who wish to calm their mind, body and spirit in hopes to help spread the benefits. 

 My teaching style is gentle and heart centered. I focus on slow and deep movements that help prepare the body and mind for focusing, relaxation and mediation. One of the highest priorities of Inaru Studio is creating accessibility to stress reducing practices for all women.

Illustrations & Artwork

My work explores the mythology, divinity, and sacredness of the female through a Native and Afro-Caribbean perspective.

Custom artwork, illustrations, and designs requests are welcomed.


My photography style celebrate the natural beauty in the every day life. I shoot candidly and honestly, celebrating the beauty radiating from each individual that we often forget is always present. Focusing on women's needs, Inaru Studio provides a variety of photography services including:

  • Body Positive Photography
  • Pregnancy, Mother & Child, Young Girls Portrait Photography
  • Branding & Product Photography for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Weddings 
  • Community Event Coverage

 community & Re-education

Inaru Studio is a community building concept birthed from the Divine-Mothering Project. My services are always available to small groups, organizations, businesses, and educators. 

Much of my artwork and crafting are based on Native Caribbean art, mythology and teachings. Some of my illustrations have been created as educational tools and visual aids. I welcome inquiries on the use of my artwork for educational purposes. 




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